Exclusive! Big Bad Wolf Discusses Upcoming Trial

Exclusive! Big Bad Wolf Discusses Upcoming Trial image

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Jacy: Hello, I’m Jacy George and I’m here with Mr. Wolf who is currently on trial in the Big Bad Musical and we want to hear his side sort of the story. So Mr. Wolf, you have been accused of vandalism and various assorted crimes. What do you have to say for yourself?

Mr. Wolf: Well, I’ll tell you right now, I didn’t do it, alright. It was not my fault. I get accused of things all the time, alright. But just because I’m a wolf doesn’t mean I’m guilty; it just means I’m hairier than most things.

Jacy: So, what were you doing when you were accused of these assorted crimes?

Mr. Wolf: Well, what does anybody do? Take for example, the whole stealing and killing of the sheep thing. I was in that field picking dandelions, alright? I like flowers. Not my fault.

Jacy: Do you pick flowers often?

Mr. Wolf: Yes, just depending upon what’s in season. I like to have a nice cave. What? I can decorate.

Jacy: Is there someone special that you’re picking flowers for?

Mr. Wolf: Sometimes, I might get a nice bushel and send them to my mother.

Jacy: So, then what you’re saying is, you feel that you have been unjustly accused?

Mr. Wolf: Absolutely. My entire life I have been unjustly accused by everyone.

Jacy: What would you say to your accusers, the Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood,  her grandmother, and others?

Mr. Wolf: Look, it’s all lies and slander, alright. I mean, who ya gonna believe? Huh? You gonna believe some little kids, an old lady, some pigs? Look at me, look at these beautiful puppy eyes here. You think this is a guilty face? Come on.

Jacy: You have said that you actually feel like the victim. That YOU have had the rough life. Can you explain what you mean by that?

Mr. Wolf: My entire life, I’ve been accused. I’ve been picked on. I’ve been told that I’m “not as good as” or I’m a delinquent. For example, when I was little, alright, when I was just a little cub, I would be minding my own business and maybe a window would break, right? A baseball goes through it and all of a sudden it’s “Oh, it was the wolf! It’s the wolf’s fault!” Oh really? The wolf’s fault? I can’t even hold a bat with these paws!

Jacy: Why should we believe you?

Mr. Wolf: Why shouldn’t you believe me? Just because I’m a wolf, does not mean that I’m automatically guilty; doesn’t mean that I’m automatically responsible for all these negative things going on in the world. I mean, come on! You’re really not going to believe a beautiful face like this?

Jacy: What verdict do you think the jury will reach?

Mr. Wolf: Ohhh, I don’t know. Probably guilty. But if you stay for the trial and you actually listen to my side of the story and you listen to everything that actually went on, well they might find me innocent.

Jacy: Any last words?

Mr. Wolf: Nope.

Jacy: Well folks, there you have it. Thank you, Mr. Wolf, so much for your time today. Be sure to follow the trial October 5th through 21st at Casa Manana. Find trial information at casamanana.org.

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