Bonnie & Clyde Cast Feature – Sophia Garcia and Brandon Parker

Bonnie & Clyde Cast Feature – Sophia Garcia and Brandon Parker image

Sophia Garcia’s dive into performing arts began with her mother, who regularly took her to productions. Her favorite role to date is “Veronica Sawyer” in Heathers: The Musical. Sophia hopes to use Veronica’s independence to her favor in Bonnie & Clyde. Pursuing a degree in Drama and Music Concentration at the University of Dallas has shown her that, “Telling stories and changing the world through art is the goal of my career, and theatre has made that so thrilling.” We are delighted for Sophia to join our talented Apprentice Program this August! P.S. – if you love yarn crafts, be sure to ask Sophia about crocheting – it’s her favorite hobby.

Brandon Parker joins Sophia and the cast of Bonnie & Clyde, on stage this August. From his first musical in the 5th grade, School House Rock Live, Jr., to his favorite role as “Hamlet,” Brandon is confident that he will make his ensemble role unique. “Theatre impacted my life in a huge way. It made me switch career plans halfway through high school to study theatre in college.”

See Sophia, Brandon and the rest of the cast August 6-8. Get tickets here: