Bonnie & Clyde Cast Feature – Lauren Magee

Bonnie & Clyde Cast Feature – Lauren Magee image

Lauren Magee returns to the stage this summer as “Emma” in Bonnie & ClydeAfter 11 years of being a regular on Casa Manana’s stage, it’s hard to imagine that she’ll be leaving us and heading to Texas State in the fall.

“I was seven years old when I auditioned for my first show at Casa Manana, The Sound of Music. It was the longest and hottest callback process I have ever experienced. I came dressed for the part (which I would later find out is a theatre no-no) wearing a mid-length, “So Long, Farwell”-looking, velvet dress in the middle of July in the jam-packed rehearsal hall. I completed a six-hour audition and callback, which included learning a dance combo, in that thick, hot dress. After being cast, I fell in love with Casa and learned to bring dance clothes to every audition.” 

Looking to impress Lauren? Gift her a set of playing cards! “Some favorites that I have acquired thus far include a Rudolph deck and a Seinfeld deck.” 

Bonnie & Clyde runs August 6-8. Get tickets here.