Bonnie & Clyde Cast Feature – Ally Ramsey

Bonnie & Clyde Cast Feature – Ally Ramsey image

Ally Ramsey, Apprentice Program veteran, takes to the stage one more time before heading to college this fall. We are thrilled to have her in the cast for Bonnie & Clyde! 

After seeing a community theatre production, she says, “That was it. I was hooked.” Following her role in Carrie the Musical, and seeing the cast’s connection, Ally hopes for the same with Bonnie & Clyde. 

After falling in love with the arts, she plans to study musical theatre, starting this fall at Missouri State University. She says, “Having spent the past nine years training in the education department at Casa, I am forever grateful for the knowledge I received.” 

Don’t miss Bonnie & Clyde, August 6-8. Get tickets here.