Catch up with Apprentice Program Alumnus Shaun Senter

Catch up with Apprentice Program Alumnus Shaun Senter image

Let’s catch up with a member of our Les Misérables: School Edition Apprentice Program cast, Shaun Senter.  

Shaun remained in the industry and is currently a production assistant aThe ACT Academy of Performing Arts and as a director, music director, et al. at the company’s conservatory. “It’s my profession now. I love going to work, no matter what the day’s to-do list entails.” 

Recounting his experience in the Apprentice Program, he says, “I learned a lot about what it looks like to contribute as a solid ensemble member, and how great that makes a show.” 

His favorite memory? Singing “One Day More” with staging. “If we hadn’t realized already, we all knew in that moment that the show we were working on was special. There were several seconds we stood in silence before we roared with excitement.” 

You can follow Shaun on Instagram, here.