Auditions - Auditions at Casa Mañana Theatre

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Music and Lyrics by Michael Visconti
Script and Lyrics by Joe Sturgeon
Story by Michael Visconti & Joe Sturgeon

Director: B.J. Cleveland
Music Director: W. Brent Sawyer
Choreographer: Grady Bowman
Producer: Wally Jones

Rehearsals begin on or around November 9, 2019 – Performances are November 22-December 23, 2019 at Casa Mañana Theatre. Please note that Casa Mañana holds rehearsals during the day time hours.

All those auditioning must bring a headshot, resume, and sheet music in your key for 16-32 bars in the standard Broadway or Pop style. An accompanist will be provided but will not transpose.

No submissions at this time, please.

Auditions will be held at Casa Mañana Theatre Rehearsal Studio B, 3101 West Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76107 (located directly behind the theatre). Please arrive on time and check-in with your headshot and resume printed or stapled back-to-back.

Casa Mañana and Actor’s Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.
Equity and Non-Equity contracts available. 

Sunday, October 6, 2019 – Vocal appointments 
Vocal appointments begin at 10:00 a.m. By appointment only. Please click here to register.

Callbacks will be the same day and may include a dance call.


SANTA CLAUS: Good ol’ St. Nick

SNOW BELL: A young Christmas Elf. A lovable, but sassy know-it-all.

JACK FROST: Appears about 19. A winter spirit who controls ice and frost. He is adventurous and despite his icy look is very warm-hearted. Jack understands the true magic of winter is that it’s cold brings out the warmth in us all.

FATHER WINTER: Personification and King of Winter. Jack’s doting surrogate father who found Jack abandoned on the snow outside his castle many years ago.

BOREAS (bor-AYE-us): Old Man Winter’s younger brother. The personification of The North Wind. After gaining power, he plans to use the Horn of Winter to bring on a new Ice Age.

AURORA: Appears about 19. Daughter to Boreas and personification of the Northern Lights. Jack’s best friend.

RUMBLE: Leader of the Snowmads. He can create avalanches with his booming voice.

SNOWMADS: They wander the Winter realms and each personifies a small part of the Winter spirit:

FLEECE: (fluffy snow) a large and round man.
NELLIE NOG: (rosy cheeks) a friendly old woman.
FROST BITE: (biting cold) A Winter wolf-boy.
DRIFT & GUST: (snowdrifts) Sisters, lithe dancers.
COLD SNAP: (the crunch of snow)
COUNT ZERO: (wintery breath)

SILVER BELL: A Christmas Elf who delivers letters to Santa from children across the world. He befriends Jack. Silver Bell is mute but communicates through ringing the bells on his sleeves. Of course, one has to speak ‘bells’ to know what he is saying.

ENSEMBLE – ages 8-25, to play Guards, Villagers, Elves. Singing and dancing required.