Steve Gagliastro stars as “Norman Petty”

Steve Gagliastro stars as “Norman Petty” image

Originally from Worcester, Massachusetts, Steve Gagliastro returns to Texas to star as Norman Petty in Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story 

Around the time of 5th grade, Gags (he says he doesn’t remember anyone ever calling him Steve) began to study acting and continued throughout high school. After a brief hiatus in college to earn his Bachelor of Music Education from The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, he returned to the stage.  

When speaking about his career, Gags refers to it as a “stone diving wall.” “You look back after a few decades [and] you realize each opportunity, each job, is a piece of that wall. It’s manifested itself into quite the structure.” 

Andy Christopher and Steve Gagliastro
Andy Christopher (left) as “Buddy” and Steve Gagliastro (right) as “Norman Petty”
Photo Credit: Curtis Brown Photography

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story is centered around music, literally. While Gags enjoys Rock n’ Roll, he also loves Jazz, Blues and Funk. “Sprinkle in some Bach, Ray Charles and Hanks Williams and there you go! 

Gags has played “Norman Petty” several times, and for this reason, he feels a close connection to the character. I had the pleasure of actually visiting the Norman Petty Studios (Norvajak) in Clovis this past January; I was blessed to sit where Norman did, to put my hands on the celeste Vi Petty played on “Everyday, to play the piano from “Think It Over. To prepare for his role, Steve checks his instruments and goes through his routine for the show. “I do, however, get antsy and like to get ready as soon as I am at the theatre, regardless of how early. 

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story runs thru September 15. Get your tickets here: