How is Casa staff staying positive?

How is Casa staff staying positive? image

2020 certainly has not been short of challenges, but we remain dedicated, as the show must go on! We‘re working from home, but we thought we’d also share what we are doing to relax and find calmness amongst this storm. 

What are some ways you’re destressing? Let us know in the comments! 

Taking time to unpack and organize. 

“Cleaning and organizing help me feel better because it’s one thing I can control. Take your mind off current events by delving deeper into your home and personal happiness! I started a massive deep clean of my closet and that spiraled to other rooms. Everything will be spick and span very soon. Check out The Home Edit if you need some inspiration.” – Katie Matson, digital media specialist 

Connect with your community. (at the appropriate social distance, of course) 

“I made homemade cards to drop off (no social interaction of course!) to the neighbors in my neighborhood. These simple gestures help give me a sense of normalcy in a shaky time. With extra time on my hands, it is imperative to continue my relationships with all those who are important to me.” – Emily Mitchell, box office associate 

Binge-watch one of your favorite shows or videos. 

“I plan to binge Love is Blind, Cheer, the new season of Grace and Frankie and the last two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy (yes, I know the show should’ve ended several seasons ago but I will PERSEVERE).” – Hannah Argüelles, director of education 

Hang out with a four-legged friend. 

“Here is my new son, Scooby. I don’t know if he has separation anxiety because I haven’t had to leave him alone yet!” – Mike Sabourin, carpenter and scenic designer 


Ready for a long nap!  
Dori and Emily are checking out what’s coming up next at Casa! 
Oscar is waiting for Jessica to leave so that he can nap… don’t tell him. 

Get outside! 

I found the sunniest spot in the house and opened the windows to set up for my home office. I have more mayflies as co-workers than I’d like, but my mood is definitely more positive! I’ve been going on walks around the neighborhood with my daughters and even done some desperately needed weed removal in my flower beds.” – Lindsey Rushen, director of marketing 

Host a Zoom happy hour! 

“Who knew Zoom Happy Hours would be so popular!  Even though I’m enjoying a mocktail and not a glass of wine or margarita, it’s been fun catching up with several friends during these happy hours and it makes me feel like we’re all in this together.” – Jessica Walsh, director of development 

No matter what, set goals for the day. 

I try to set a new goal every day and follow through with it, no matter how big or small the goal is.  – Maria Hickox, production manager 

We hope that these recommendations help you relax and have peace of mind! Let us know if you would like to hear more.