Review: Tanglewood Moms | A Dean Martin Christmas

Review: Tanglewood Moms | A Dean Martin Christmas image

A Dean Martin Christmas at Casa’s Reid Cabaret

By: Julie Rhodes

If you’re a fresh young thing like me (we need a sarcasm font), you might not be familiar enough with Dean Martin to evaluate whether Casa Mañana’s Joe Scalissi fully emulates the Rat Pack icon in its cabaret show this month. Fortunately, that’s not necessary for you to have a great time at A Dean Martin Christmas, playing through this Saturday at Casa Manana’s Reid Cabaret Theatre.

As it so happens, Joe Scalissi does happen to fit the bill, down to the pinkie ring and ever-present scotch on the rocks. If you watch YouTube videos from 1965 as I did, infant that I am, you’ll see he also has the charismatic cool and the tipsy nonchalance that could set an entire room at ease, everyone ready for the next laugh and content with nursing a martini in the event of a ballad. This guy was a comedian. Who knew that the crooner of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” was such a funny lush. Make no mistake, he was funny in the 1960s-Mad-Men-humor — perhaps not thoroughly #MeToo disinfected — but funny just the same. Apparently Scalissi is “internationally known” for his Dean Martin, having performed from Dubai to Vegas to Ontario for the past 20 years. I was doing the math: how does a man manage to look like a 40-something Dean Martin for 20 years? Might I possibly use his night cream? (Look at me, getting in on the jokes, too! It’s contagious!)

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