Meet the T-Birds

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Casa’s T-Birds are ready to go back to high school! To help them get into character, we asked them to share some of their high school memories.


Rico Lebron as "Danny" in GreaseRico Lebron, “Danny”

It comes as no surprise that Rico was voted Most Likely to Be on American Idol in high school. Like his character, in high school Rico was confident, loved to sing and dance and was a sucker for a cute girl, but unlike “Danny,” he wasn’t a bad boy; he was a theatre kid and wasn’t picking fights or getting into trouble. His most embarrassing high school memory was wearing a full set of pajamas on a day that turned out not to be pajama day. In addition to acting, Rico also loves exploring more behind-the-scenes roles, including writing and producing screenplays and discovering unique and creative ways to tell a story through a camera.

Austin Hohnke as "Kenickie" in GreaseAustin Hohnke, “Kenickie”

Austin is reprising his role, having played “Kenickie” in high school. Although he is not a stranger to “Kenickie” he wouldn’t call himself typecast. Austin says, “I probably would’ve made a good ‘Eugene’ being a bit analytical and book smart. I’m still a nerd.” Case in point, early in high school he was obsessed with bugs and entomology before musical theatre started calling to him. One of his fondest high school memories was performing “Greased Lightnin’” at the Colorado Thespian Convention in front of 2,000 other high school students and teachers.  “I had never experienced that kind of thrill until that moment.”

Jason Moody as "Sonny" in GreaseJason Moody, “Sonny”

Jason would not have identified with his character in high school at all. He says, “I was a musical theatre kid all the way; I was not popular and probably would have steered clear of someone like ‘Sonny’ in school because I knew he would just make fun of me or bully me.” He actually worked at Casa Mañana 19 years ago in a 2000 production of Bye Bye Birdie, when the theatre was in the round. He is excited to perform in the new space.

Photography and food are two of Jason’s other main interests. He actually has a “foodie” Instagram page with over 55,000 followers. Check it out: @moodyfoodyadventures

Christian Probst as "Doody" in GreaseChristian Probst, “Doody”

Christian loves playing a song and dance man, so he’ll fit right in with the T-Birds as “Doody.” He especially loves tap dancing. While he was in the ensemble of 42nd Street, he had to ice his feet every night and morning to reduce swelling from the amount of tapping they were doing!

He identifies with his character because “Doody” is the youngest and always trying to impress the other members of the T-Birds. In high school, Christian was one of the youngest kids in his grade and remembers wanting to hang with the older kids. He is excited to experience TexMex and warm weather here in Fort Worth, although the first two days of rehearsals the temperature has topped out at just 40 degrees! Hopefully we’ll get some warmer weather for him to enjoy soon.

Zach Sutton as "Roger" in GreaseZach Sutton, “Roger”

In high school Zach was always the chubby friend, the funny one. Like “Roger,” he identifies with using comedy to cover up insecurities. One of his first dates was with a girl actually nicknamed Frenchie. She was older and he didn’t have his driver’s license, so she drove them on the date. When they got back to his house, his brothers started teasing him, saying things like “Ooooo, did Frenchie give you a Frenchie?” And she was sitting right next to him! They didn’t realize she was his date.

Tristin Thomas in the Ensemble in GreaseTristin Thomas, “Ensemble”

Tristin is in high school and is currently auditioning for colleges to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre. He’s been participating in classes and shows at Casa for ten years. He’s always excited to be a part of anything Casa does because “every show and class is something different and challenging.” Tristin really enjoys ensemble roles because there is more freedom with creating a character.

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