Meet the Cast – Sean Patrick Doyle

Meet the Cast – Sean Patrick Doyle image

Sean Patrick Doyle stars as Carmen Ghia in The Producers, opening June 1, 2019. This will not be Sean Patrick Doyle’s first time to play Carmen Ghia in The Producers, as he previously played the role at West Virginia Public Theatre. “This show is so uproariously funny, and we have a very comedically gifted principal cast. I’m looking forward to a few weeks of laughter!”

Based in New York, but originally from Miami, FL, Texas will offer a change of pace for Doyle. “My last two trips to the Dallas/Fort Worth area were for the HBO pilot Mamma Dallas and Dallas Summer Musicals’ The Little Mermaid. I had some of the best BBQ and Mexican food of my life during those visits, so I’m excited about the food!”

Doyle jokes that choosing his favorite role to date is like choosing a favorite child, but adds that he likes characters that allow him to show vulnerability and humor. Tremont, in Off-Broadway’s Jerry Springer: The Opera and Derek Shirley in The World Premiere of Hard Cell both fall into that category.

For his role as Carmen Ghia, Doyle will prepare by inhabiting his character physically and vocally, “I’m a little compulsive in my need to go over the first few pages of my script aloud. I think about what my character is doing in the moments leading up to his appearance, onstage.”

Doyle adds, “The Producers is about an elaborate con motivated by greed, involving pandering to neo-Nazis – What’s more timely than that? And yet, you are guaranteed to laugh throughout. As Peter Sellers said, “To label, any subject unsuitable for comedy is to admit defeat.”

The Producers opens next Saturday and runs June 1-9. Click here for tickets.

Photo: West Virginia Public Theatre, 2008