Meet the Cast – Rob Flebbe and Caitlin Cannon

Meet the Cast – Rob Flebbe and Caitlin Cannon image






Returning to Casa Mañana as a member of the ensemble in The Producers, Rob Flebbe shares his thoughts on the upcoming production.

Like many others, Flebbe is thrilled to be back at Casa for The Producers, “I’m most excited to be working with friends again, and because this one is so stinking funny.” Flebbe admits that he is more like Donald Dinsmore, who auditions with “The Little Wooden Boy” than he cares to comment on!

Flebbe says that his favorite Mel Brooks movie is, “Hands down, History of the World Part I – since I was ten years old.”

To date, Flebb’s favorite role is Lewis in Pippin, “He was ridiculously inflated and a complete quirky coward at the same time.”

Finally, in today’s cultural climate, he hopes that we can someday laugh about today. “We laugh through the historical aspects of The Producers as a community because it promotes healing, and maybe that laughter and sense of community will help ease some of our current stressors.”


Fellow ensemble member, Caitlin Cannon says that it has always been a dream to be on stage, “My first time in NYC, I was 13 years old. The Producers was the first show I saw on Broadway. I watched those beautiful showgirls tap across the stage, and I remember thinking, “I want to do that.” Casa Mañana is making that 13-year-old’s dream come true!

In response to what character she is most like, Caitlin says, “Little Old Lady – hopefully not yet. Tap Dancing Nazi – NOPE! Glamorous showgirl – check!”

On her favorite Mel Brooks movie, Cannon comments, “Hands down my favorite movie of all time is Robin Hood: Men in Tights! I’ve always thought it would make an excellent musical.”

Cannon is excited to explore downtown Fort Worth during her time here, “Whenever I’m in a new city, I love to find the best donut places!” She will prepare for her role by creating a routine of stretches and tap warm-ups before each show and saying a “little prayer” before the overture starts.

The Producers is a parody. It’s meant to poke fun, not be taken seriously. I also credit the fact that a female director led the original Broadway production, and our current version has a woman at the helm as well.”

The Producers opens this Saturday and runs June 1-9. Click here for tickets.