Meet the Cast: Kaylene Snarsky

Meet the Cast: Kaylene Snarsky image

Kaylene Snarsky joins The Producers as a member of the ensemble. Snarsky says, “I love doing pieces of theatre that make people feel uncomfortable.  The satirical nature of this piece is appealing to any actor who wants a challenge.  The only way to do it correctly is to go all in.”

In The Producers, Snarsky will be playing anything from an old woman to a showgirl. “I am known for my thrift store, granny sandals, but can be found discovering that seductive side from time to time.  Being in the ensemble taps into many sides of your personality, and it is always a joy to discover their unwritten story which motivates you as a necessary player in the show.”

Her favorite Mel Brooks movie is Young Frankenstein, which is a show that she’d love to do.

Snarsky’s favorite role to date is Cassie from A Chorus Line. “Playing Cassie gave me the chance to step forward as a “dancer-first” and throw that all away.  Conquering “Music and the Mirror” is a journey in itself, but Cassie’s fight is a fight of my own– wanting to always be a part of something greater than myself by exercising the talents I have been given and dancing my face off.  She gave me the confidence to step into other roles knowing I have the power.”

To prepare for the show, Kaylene makes a playlist that reminds her of her character, to get her in the zone. She also ALWAYS has to brush her teeth and breathe to set her intentions.

Being from out of town, Snarsky is delighted to spend time with family and explore more of Fort Worth. She recently toured with Cinderella, and loved exploring Sundance Square, “I would love to see more of this beautiful city and revisit the water gardens.”

As a final note on the show, Snarsky adds, “Audiences watch a piece like this and see a reflection – a snippet of life’s true absurdity.  It is a way to lighten the incredibly serious concepts of power, money, fame, racism, inequality, while also making a clear argument.  Mel Brooks said in an interview, “I thought it was making a point: You get up on a soapbox, and you argue with a Nazi, you’re going to lose. But if you can ridicule him and make people laugh, then you win. It’s as simple as that.”

The Producers runs June 1-9. Click here for tickets.