Meet the Cast – Julia Knitel

Meet the Cast – Julia Knitel image

Julia Knitel steps into the role of Ulla in The Producers at Casa Mañana. “What excites me most about doing The Producers is diving head first into a good old-fashioned MUSICAL! It’s been a while since I’ve done something this broad, brassy, and hilarious.”

On her character Ulla, Knitel offers this, “Ulla is a bit of a departure from the roles I usually play. She is definitely a bit more confident – but, we both like to do our best and make the people around us fell taken care of.” Knitel also says that playing Ulla relies on who she gets to play opposite and that this cast has already set her up for success.

While in town, Knitel is thrilled to be on the lookout for great gluten-free places, since she has Celiac Disease.

Her favorite role to date is Carole King in Beautiful, “Playing her truly changed my life, and it remains the most challenging and rewarding role of my career thus far.” To prepare for her role as Ulla, she will practice with a “nice big vocal” and physical warm up. Her pre-show playlists always help set the mindset and mood!

“I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s never been a better time for audiences to see The Producers. When the movie premiered in 1967, it was only 22 years after the end of Hitler’s regime. By taking ugliness and making it funny, we take some of the power and fear away.”

The Producers opens this Saturday and runs through June 9. Click here for tickets.