Meet the Cast – John Treacy Egan

Meet the Cast – John Treacy Egan image

Some interesting notes about The Producers:

The Producers was originally a movie that opened in 1968 and got mixed reviews

– The story started with only the title and was built from there

– The inspiration for Leo’s name came from the novel Ulysses, and the character, Leo Bloom

– The movie was buried at the box office but became popular 33 years later on Broadway

– Max Bialystock is a failing producer who begs Leo Bloom, an accountant to join him in producing Springtime for Hitler.


As Casa Mañana gears up for the opening of The Producers, let’s get to know one of our comical leading characters, Max.

Meet John Treacy Egan – Some of his recent roles to date include Lord Boxington in My Fair Lady, Bessie in Casa Valentina, and Chief Berry in Nice Work If You Can Get It. Egan will step into Max’s role and dive into the hilarious world of The Producers.

Max, a struggling producer, is looking to improve his luck and his business. Egan is excited to step into this role, “I love playing Max, the show is fast and zany, and the script is just amazing. The timing of the humor is so well written!” Egan considers himself to be a little like Max, “I’m loud, and Max is loud.” To date, Max is his favorite role because of the material.

Playwright of The Producers, Mel Brooks, is a genius when it comes to storytelling. Egan’s favorite Mel Brooks movie is To Be or Not to Be. “It’s a remake from a Jack Benny film, but the performances are wonderful, it’s heartfelt, and it’s so great to see Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft together! Magic!”

Because Egan is coming from out-of-town, he is looking forward to some good food and many laughs with the stellar cast.

On fitting The Producers into the current cultural climate, Egan says, “We have to laugh! Life is funny and tragic… like the masks in the theatre! This show is an equal opportunity insulter, so come and let loose!”

The Producers opens next Saturday and runs through June 9. Click here for tickets.