Meet the Cast – Greg White

Meet the Cast – Greg White image

Greg White stars as Franz, in The Producers. White is excited to collaborate with such a “fabulous group of artists” on what is sure to be a hysterical show.

When asked about the similarities between himself and his character Franz, he noted, “I started to say we are nothing alike, but on second thought… Franz and I both have German heritage. Franz and I are both playwrights. Franz and I are both, as listed in the audition notice, “imposing yet tender” (I am 6’6”).  Franz and I both feed the birds. However, that’s where the similarities end. Franz is a devotee of Germany’s Adolf Hitler, while I am a devotee of Germany’s Marlene Dietrich.”

While The Producers is known for its notoriety, White’s favorite Mel Brooks film is Blazing Saddles. “I used to know all of the lyrics and choreography to “The French Mistake.”

Among many roles, White’s favorite was Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady, designed and directed by Tony Walton. “Higgins was certainly a dream role, and a former student played Eliza, which made the experience incredibly special.”

While in Fort Worth, White is looking forward to the food – “I’m a huge fan of the food in Fort Worth!”

To warm up for his role, White runs through his entire role the day before each performance. Along with visualizing a fantasy audience, he pictures his grandparents, mentors, and friends there to watch him. “It’s a comforting and humbling moment.”

The Producers runs June 1-9. Click here for tickets.