Meet Next to Normal’s “Gabe”: Luke Steinhauer

Meet Next to Normal’s “Gabe”: Luke Steinhauer image

Luke Steinhauer is thrilled to be making his Casa Mañana debut! Selected regional theatre credits include: The Muny (The Music Man), Theatre Aspen (You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown), Music Theatre Wichita, Pittsburgh CLO (Singin’ in the Rain), Theatre by the Sea (Joseph), Unquowa Rep. (Big River), and Pittsburgh Public (Equus). Luke is a graduate of The University of Michigan Musical Theatre Program.
Casa: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Luke: I try to meditate as often as I can. It’s amazing how much meditation can do for your own psyche as an actor dealing with nerves and all the expectations of a show.
Casa: Do you have particular credits you’re really proud of and why?

Luke: I learn something from every show I do. I’m proud of almost every show I do for different reasons.
Casa: This show is on the heavier side of topics, but what excites you the most about doing Next to Normal?

Luke: I’m excited to do a show that tackles such an important subject matter: mental illness. What I think the show does so well is show how not only Diana suffers and copes, but also how all the other people around her navigate the mental illness. And it’s not just all torture, panic, and pain but also moments of comedy, love, lightness, etc.
Casa: What are you hoping the audience will take away from the show?

Luke: I’m hoping that the audience walks away with a greater understanding of what life is like for those who suffer from mental illness and hopefully a little more humility and love for those directly and indirectly affected.
Next to Normal is playing at Casa Mañana November 3-11! Click here to get tickets.