Lauren Robinson Joins the Cast of Carrie the Musical

Lauren Robinson Joins the Cast of Carrie the Musical image

Lauren Robinson joins the cast of Carrie the Musical as Frieda. While this is her first show at Casa, she has been taking classes here since she was nine-years-old. Reminiscing on her favorite Casa memory, Lauren says, “The first camp I did at Casa, I had my first solo EVER. It was such a big deal to be able to sing by myself, at nine, on the Casa stage! Now that I get to do that ten years later is such a blessing.”

Lauren is excited to work with a wonderful cast and ensemble in Carrie the Musical. She mentions that while Frieda is a follower, she is kind, a trait that Lauren strives to have. As rehearsal begins on this Apprentice Program show Lauren says, “It will be an amazing experience.”

As the program allows young actors to grow and develop their strengths, Lauren says that her favorite part of being an actor is the process of a show, “Being able to come in and create something with a group of people that could change someone’s mind is the coolest job ever.”

When she’s not rehearsing under the Dome, Lauren is a student at Texas Tech University, pursuing a BFA in Musical Theatre. Her dream is to graduate and move to New York City.

In closing, Lauren wants to share this with the audience, “Carrie is such an important story that unfortunately is very prevalent in today’s time. We need to be kinder to each other.”