Get creative with Children’s Theatre!

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Looking for creative outlets for your children? Check out a few things that we’ve curated for our Children’s Theatre 2020-21 Season.  We can’t wait to see what you create – be sure to share with us via Instagram @casamanana or Facebook @casafb, or on Pinterest @CMDome. Check out the exciting lineup! 

Grace for President, a story about a third-grade girl who aspires to be president. Grace creates the campaign of a lifetime for her school’s election. Follow Grace and her running mates though this tough, exciting time for a child’s take on the world of politics. 

Check out these activities to get your child involved and excited for Grace for President! 

One of our favorites: “What Would It Be Like If You Were President” craft. Check it out here, and view the rest of the board. 

Grace for President Craft

Frosty the Snowman is the perfect holiday show for you and your family. Get to know Frosty, in this classic tale about his winter adventures. 

These crafts will have you and your family ready for some hot cocoa and the man in red! We can’t wait to get crafty with these toilet paper snowmen. They’re just so cute! Want even more Frosty crafts? Check them out here. 

Frosty the Snowman Craft

Next, go on an adventure with Buzz and his ultimate pet, Fly Guy! Fly Guy, based on the books by Tedd Arnold, follows Buzz and his amazing pet and their everyday adventures. Can they save the day when a field trip goes awry? You’ll have to come see, to find out! 

We’d love to see you create a fly guy of your own, or even list the ways your pet is amazing. Get your ideas flowing and check out the rest of these fantazzzztic options here. 

Fly Guy Craft

After hanging out with Fly Guy and Buzz, get to know one of our favorite characters, Junie B. Jones in Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook! This time, she wants the whole world to know that she is NOT a crook! Follow this tale as the loss of her furry mittens leads to the discovery of the most awesome colorful pen, should she keep it? What would you do? 

Hang out with Junie B. and her friends at school! Maybe even make a list of all her character traits! Get to know more of the story, here. 

Junie B. Jones Craft

Wrap up your season dive with Disney’s The Descendants! In this thrilling musical, follow the children of infamous Disney characters as they race to save their kingdom, Auradon. Will the children of four notorious villains make the decision to follow in their parents footsteps or become good to help the cause? 

Be transported to Auradon with these crafts. While you’re there, why not make a Descendants themed wall letter? 

Disney's Descendants the Musical Craft

We hope that these crafts serve as a resource and a great way to involve your children in the upcoming season! Feel free to let us know what you like, we’ll be sure to include more of it! 

Find tickets to the upcoming season, here.