Emma Grace Freeman Stars as “Matilda”

Emma Grace Freeman Stars as “Matilda” image

Meet Emma Grace Freeman, or “Matilda”, as you’ll see her on our stage. Catch her under the Dome this July!

Emma Grace cannot remember her life without musical theatre. She caught the acting bug when she appeared as “Molly” in Annie at the age of 5 and has not slowed down since. 

You could say that performing runs in her family. Her mother, Jennifer, has been in theatre her whole life and has been able to pass on those talents. Aside from acting, she gets her wonderful voice from her father, who is a music minister at their church. 

In order to prepare for her role on stage, Emma Grace has spent countless hours at home, on character development and memorizing lines, “I try to do a little bit each day so that it is not so overwhelming.” 

On perfecting her British accent she says, “I have had the privilege of doing a lot of roles that require a British accent.  I rehearsed the lines with my teacher and she helped me make sure my pronunciation was correct.” Some of the Russian lines in the show proved more challenging! 

How has she kept the show in her head over the past few weeks? Simple! By going over choreography, lines and the music each week Emma Grace is ensuring she’s in a great spot for July! She’s even caught herself speaking with a British accent, on occasion! 

Emma Grace says, “If I had to choose my favorite song it would probably be Quiet. Matilda really has a tender moment during this song, and it is amazing that you get to see how she handles everything that is happening around her.” 

If given the chance to be “Matilda” for a day, Emma Grace says she would! “Even though having rude parents wouldn’t be the best, I would love to see the amazing things that go on in Matilda’s mind daily.” 

During the hiatus between rehearsals and performances in July, Emma Grace has enjoyed spending time with her family, baking, making art, and going on long walks. She says, “This time is scary, but during this time I have really grown closer in my relationship with the Lord. He really has shown me how much He loves me and that even with everything changing He stays the same.” 

Finally – to anyone who may be experiencing a hard time in school, like Matilda and her friends, here’s what Emma Grace’s advice is: “You always need to be yourself. No matter what people try to tell you, you are amazing and loved. Even if you don’t have the best friends or your teachers are rude, true and loving friends will show themselves by sticking by your side.” 

Don’t miss your chance to see Emma Grace on stage with all of the wonderful cast from Matilda the Musical, this July 17-26. Get your tickets here.