David Colston Corris in Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story

David Colston Corris in Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story image

In his first time under the Dome, David Colston Corris joins the cast of Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story. 

David, originally from Elyria, OH, got into acting because his dad is an actor and director, among other things. He grew up running through rehearsal spaces and playing with costumes from Shakespeare’s greatest hits. “It wasn’t until my sister came out of a call for The Sound of Music, put the lyrics to My Favorite Things in my hand and shoved me into the room, that I really got into it myself.” His sister said, “They need boys and if they cast you, they’ll probably cast me, so get in there!” They both got the rolls and are now performing professionally. 

One of David’s favorite roles to date was “Princeton/Rod” on tour with Avenue Q. “I also had a blast originating the role of “Maximus, a beautifully designed, life-size horse puppet for Disney’s Tangled: The Musical on Disney Cruise Line. 

While Buddy is a rock n’ roll show, David prefers alternative folk, 90s grunge or pop-punk music. “Give me mostly anything with acoustic guitar, accordion, fiddle, unique voice, or interesting percussion, and I’ll probably enjoy it.” He adds, “I get oddly excited about marching band or saloon piano covers of popular songs!” 

When asked if he relates to his role in the show, David says, “Buddy and The Crickets created music that helped bridge communities and break down walls. I also aim to generate content that helps expand the theatrical community so that we may open doors to artists, stories and cultures who’s experiences should be shared.” 

In preparation for each show, he likes to take a moment and absorb the energy of the theatre, before adding his own. More importantly, “I have always managed to find the exact number of backstage lights twinkling in the dark, just before curtain, that correspond with those I’ve lost who have played a significant role in my theatrical career. Before each show, I like to look at the lights and remember what they have meant to me.”   

Catch Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story before it closes this Sunday, September 15. Get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/2Y7HsEU.