Casey Kassal joins the Apprentice Program production of Carrie the Musical

Casey Kassal joins the Apprentice Program production of Carrie the Musical image

In his first show at Casa Mañana, Casey Kassal will be joining Carrie the Musical’s ensemble. However, this is not his first time under the Dome. As a child, Casey’s parents brought his siblings to many shows at Casa Mañana. Casey says, “I think that’s a big reason as to why I’m an actor today.”

An actor since the third grade, Casey attributes his love of acting to his participation in community theatre and theatre throughout school. Bringing his theatre/acting experience full circle, Casey says, “I auditioned for Carrie on a whim. I never thought I would get the amazing opportunity to be a part of this, but I’m so glad it worked out!”

On the Apprentice Program itself he says, “Already, the program has allowed me to connect with young actors like myself that I might not have had the chance to meet otherwise. It feels so cool to walk into the rehearsal room and know we all want to help and support each other and have a great show.”

As Casa continues to mold Apprentice Program students, Casey comments on his favorite part of being an actor: “I think the magic of acting for me lies in the characters. I love becoming different characters and bringing out parts of me that don’t come out on a daily basis. I believe that acting is less of becoming someone you’re not, but rather emphasizing certain parts of you that you share with the character.”

Shifting focus to his role in Carrie, Casey adds, “The magic of the ensemble is that I get to decide! When it comes to me, I love to challenge myself as an actor, so I will try and make my student’s character as different from me as possible.”

In a note to the audience, Casey says, “I think the story is a cautionary tale and leaves the audience with a simple message: kindness goes a long way.”

On a more personal note – Casey’s secret talent is balloon twisting. “I’ve probably been making balloon animals on and off in my spare time for about ten years now.” Before the show, he likes to listen to pop music, particularly from carefully curated playlists.

Casey is a sophomore at Oklahoma City University, where he is an Acting major, with minors in Directing and Costuming. “Right now my main focus is my education and getting the most of my time at OCU, but once that’s over, I’ll be ready to jump headfirst into the ‘real world’ of theatre.”

Carrie the Musical runs August 2-4. Get tickets here.