Casa Mañana Welcomes Mike McGowan to the cast of “Annie”

Casa Mañana Welcomes Mike McGowan to the cast of “Annie” image

Casa Mañana is excited to welcome Mike McGowan as “Warbucks” in Annie. We can’t think of a better show for his debut here.

Mike credits his love of theatre to his parents, his dad a Navy musician and his mother a newscaster. “It was a perfect combo to inspire life as a performer.” He also mentions his deeply rooted love for old singers and actors like Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. 

As an actor, it’s very important to Mike that he connect to his character. “Warbucks is a man obsessed with career and success.  One of the reasons he is so driven is because of early childhood loss.  His life improves dramatically when he makes room for love and meaningful relationships.  I can relate to all of that. Before each show, he finds it helpful to workout, stretch and vocalize. Things like going through his lines help him be more spontaneous on stage.  

When picking a favorite musical it’s hard for Mike to choose just one. “It’s a three-way tie: Sweeney Todd, A Little Night Music, and West Side Story. Right now, my favorite play is Middletown by Will Eno.”  

Mike McGowan and Bodie

Mike’s “Sandy” is a “super mutt” named Bodie. He just turned six. 

Finally, his advice for aspiring actors is staying true to one’s self. “Be interested in everything and trust your gut. You will never appeal to everyone; just follow your bliss and do what you love. Study hard. Always find ways to make yourself a rookie, it will take you to amazing new levels.” 

Annie runs November 2-10, get your tickets now: