Caleb Barnett: Carrie the Musical’s “Tommy Ross”

Caleb Barnett: Carrie the Musical’s “Tommy Ross” image

Caleb Barnett is in his last year of The Apprentice Program here at Casa Mañana. During his junior year of high school, Caleb attended an audition workshop where he was encouraged to try his luck in the Apprentice Program. Now, four years later, he has four shows under his wing.

After performing in Rock of Ages, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and Sweeney Todd, Barnett is prepared and excited to start rehearsal for Carrie the Musical. In Carrie the Musical, Barnett plays Tommy Ross.

On his favorite memory at Casa, Caleb says, “I was pit singing in Rock of Ages here, it was my first paid Equity performing job that I’d ever had outside of high school, so I was a little overwhelmed. I got a chance to work with Broadway actors, industry professionals, and made a lot of connections. The music in that show was so energetic; I was having the time of my life.”

Barnett is thankful for The Apprentice Program because “It has been the foundation of who I am as a performer. This program has taught me so many things that have been essential to my college and professional career. They treat each show as if it were an Equity mainstage production. It’s a Broadway boot camp, and I love everything about it.”

Caleb’s favorite part about acting is having the opportunity to tell a story and entertain an audience, “My acting sweet spot is comedy, so if I can make the audience laugh, I feel very fulfilled.” He carries this mantra throughout school with him.

Currently, Caleb is a sophomore Musical Theatre major at The University of Central Oklahoma. After receiving his degree, he plans to move to New York and pursue his great dream of acting.

And, finally, a note to his audience, “You guys are going to see these characters more fleshed out than you’ve seen before. The story is beautiful, the music fantastic, and this cast is astronomically talented. You’re going to have a great time!”

Carrie the Musical runs August 2-4. Click here for tickets.