Bonnie & Clyde Cast Feature – Takara Bailey and Stephen Newton

Bonnie & Clyde Cast Feature – Takara Bailey and Stephen Newton image

Auditioning for elementary concerts gave Takara Bailey the self-expression and confidence boost she was looking for. Her role as Morticia in The Addams Family allowed her to observe the ensemble and see their unique, complex and breathtaking contribution to the show. She hopes to do that in Bonnie & Clyde. When asked about the impact that theatre has had on her life, Takara says, “I am just one person, [I can’t] change the world myself. However, I realized that I can change the world by finishing school and pursuing my dreams so [that] I can be the representation that POC/plus size people don’t have.” 

Stephen Newton can’t wait to hone his serious side for the show. He points out that his favorite role, Smee in Peter and the Starcatcher, is quite the juxtaposition. Aside from acting, Stephen is quite the tap dancer! He has taught students around the metroplex the art of syncopated beats and choreography. When asked who he would love to share the stage with, Stephen’s response made us smile Apprentice Program alum, Charlie Ray. “I grew up watching him star in all of the Apprentice Shows and looked up to him. If I could do another show with him, [it] would be a dream come true.”

See Takara and Stephen on stage August 6-8. Get tickets here.