Bonnie & Clyde Cast Feature: Maya Michalski and Bryson Pope

Bonnie & Clyde Cast Feature: Maya Michalski and Bryson Pope image

Maya Michalski stars as “Bonnie” in this year’s Apprentice Program. Maya was hooked on acting after seeing Annie Jr. at Casa Mañana when she was 7, and now, she saystheatre is essentially all I do.” Except for a time when she was 9, when she aspired to be a freestyle hip hop dancer: “Every night after dinner I would practice my head spins and coffee grinders. I never ever did one successfully.” Luckily, she didn’t need that skill for her role in the 2019 Apprentice Program’s Carrie the Musical.” Her favorite role to date, she says that Chris challenged her to play a “mean girl,” a perspective she hopes to bring to Bonnie. Her talent doesn’t end in the wings, however, and this year she’s head of the costuming department at her school, as well as a tech theatre intern. Needless to say, she hopes to pursue theatre in college and her career. We were curious what musical she would watch if she could only watch one for the rest of her life. Her answer? Fun Home. “Not only is it my favorite show, but it also holds two of my dream roles. I would love to play medium and adult Alison one day.” We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Maya, but for now, make sure to see her on stage this August! 

Bryson Pope joins Maya on stage this August as the preacher. His acting journey began four years ago at The Actor’s Conservatory Theatre in Lewisville, when he starred as “Robertson Ay” in Mary Poppins. Now, he credits much to theatre, “Theatre has taught me how to act and sing. But, also, lessons of friendship, bravery and love for the arts.” “Since I started watching shows at Casa Mañana in Kindergarten, it’s been on my bucket list to perform on their stage – and now I finally get to!” Like Bryson, we can’t wait to have performers on our stage again.

See Maya and Bryson on stage, August 6-8. Get tickets here.