Andy Christopher Returns to Casa as “Buddy Holly”

Andy Christopher Returns to Casa as “Buddy Holly” image

Andy Christopher returns to the Dome to star as “Buddy Holly” in Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story for the second time. 

Andy was born in Houston, TX, but spent the most time in Bullard and Lubbock. He has no problem playing the rock n’ roll legend from Lubbock, TX; in a rather interesting turn of events, a friend took him to audition for Buddy in Lubbock in 2010. “I didn’t play the guitar, so [I] had to learn one song for the callback – “Everyday” and then was cast as “Buddy Holly. I had about 8 weeks to learn the entire show as “Buddy” and “Tommy Allsup, as I would be alternating with the West End Players. Andy credits Buddy Holly for his big break. 

Andy Christopher as "Buddy Holly"

While much of his time is filled with the music of rock n’ roll, he loves just about any genre! That being said, he relates to Buddy Holly. Though he admits, “I’ve been Buddy Holly longer than Buddy Holly was Buddy Holly.” 

With a final laugh, Andy adds, “I bombed an audition for Hairspray at Casa when I was considering quitting the medical field, in which I worked for 5 years. Nice to redeem that experience.” 

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story runs thru Sunday. Don’t miss your chance to see Andy on stage. Get your tickets here: 

Photo Credit: Curtis Brown Photography