60-minute version of the Broadway musical by Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, Tim Rice, and Linda Woolverton. The following songs have been cut: “No Matter What,” “No Matter What – Reprise,” “Me,” “How Long Must this Go On?” “If I Can’t Love Her,” “Maison Des Lune,” “If I Can’t Love Her – Reprise,” “A Change in Me”

Director: Noah Putterman
Music Director: James McQuillen
Choreographer: Shea Sullivan

 Casa Mañana and Actor’s Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Audition Dates:

Sunday, Feb 4, 2018: Youth Auditions (Ages 8-18 – unpaid)
Monday, Feb 5, 2018: Adults 18+ (Equity and Non-Equity contracts available) Callbacks, if warranted, will be Feb 6 in the afternoon.


Rehearsals for Adult actors in Beauty and the Beast Jr. will be during the day time hours. Youth performers will usually start rehearsals at 4:00pm. We do provide school excuse letters for youth performers.

Rehearsals begin on/around April 7, 2018. Performances will be April 17 – May 13, 2018. There are morning matinee performances during the weekdays and public performances on the weekends. Double casting opportunities may be available for YOUTH performers.


Casa Mañana Theatre Rehearsal Studios (located directly behind the Dome)
3101 W Lancaster Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76110


Please prepare a brief song from or in the style of the show. Please bring sheet music for your song; a piano accompanist will be provided but will not transpose. Bring a photo/resume stapled together. If you do not have sheet music, you will not be able to audition. Callbacks, if warranted will be the same day as the audition and will include dance.

YOUTH – February 4th

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ADULTS – February 5th

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No submissions accepted at this time.


Belle (Adult/Teen) Belle is a smart, confident young woman from a small village. She is strong, but also kind and compassionate. Mezzo-Soprano.

Maurice (Adult) Maurice is an aging and eccentric inventor, but more importantly, the adoring and protective father of Belle. Non-singing.

Beast (Adult) The Beast is a young prince who was hideously transformed by the Enchantress’s spell. Sings a small bit during “Something There.” (Please note: “If I Can’t Love Her” is not in the Junior version of the show. May or not double as the Prince.) Baritone.

Gaston (Adult) Gaston is pompous and dim-witted and will do whatever it takes to win Belle’s hand. Gaston has all the confidence in the world but lacks the humility to balance it. Baritone.

Lefou (Adult/Teen) Lefou is Gaston’s equally dim-witted lackey. Baritone-tenor.

Silly Girls (Teens) The Silly Girls are in love with Gaston and will do almost anything just to be near him. Alto/Mezzo-Soprano.

Lumiere (Adult) Lumiere is a confident, charming French mâitre d’ who (under the enchantress’s spell) who is becoming a candelabra. Baritone.

Cogsworth (Adult) Cogsworth is the British major-domo of the castle who is becoming a clock. Baritone.

Mrs. Potts (Adult) Mrs. Potts is the castle’s endearing cook who is becoming a teapot. Mezzo-Soprano.

Babette (Teen) Babette is the maid of the castle who is turning into a feather duster. Must sing harmony. Alto/Mezzo.

Madame De La Grande Bouche (Adult/Teen) Madame De La Grande Bouche is an opera singer who is becoming a wardrobe. Madame is larger-than-life in everything she does. May also double as non-speaking Beggar Woman/Enchantress. Soprano.

Chip (Young actor Male or Female) Chip is Mrs. Potts’s son who is becoming a teacup. Treble.

Monsieur D’arque (Adult/Teen) Monsieur D’Arque is the proprietor of the lunatic asylum. Doubles as Ensemble.

The Prince (Teen/Adult) Plays the Prince in the prologue and finale. Doubles as Ensemble.

Ensemble (Teens) Villagers, Servants, Wolves. Seeking excellent singers who move well and dancers who sing.

For information on the Audition Prep Master Class for ages 8-18, click here.