Auditions - Auditions at Casa Mañana Theatre

Roles available for ages 14-19 only.

A Man of No Importance is part of the Apprentice Program. Casa Mañana’s Apprentice Program is for the most dedicated young performers, ages 14-19 in the D-FW area who aspire to careers in the theatre. The young actors who audition and are accepted have the unique opportunity to advance their professional training by performing in an all-youth production of a musical backed by the full resources of Casa Mañana. Read more about the Apprentice Program here.

Book by Terrence McNally
Music by Stephen Flaherty
Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens

Director: Jeremy Dumont
Music Director: Vonda K. Bowling
Producer: Wally Jones

Vocal Appointments – Start at 11 a.m., Friday, March 13, 2020
By appointment only. No submissions at this time, please.

All auditioning must bring a headshot, resume, and sheet music in their key for 16-32 bars in the style of the show. An accompanist will be provided but will not transpose.

Auditions will be held at Casa Mañana Theatre, 3101 West Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76107. Please arrive early and sign in with a headshot and resume.

Rehearsals for A Man of No Importance begin on/around July 13 — Performances are July 31-August 2 at Casa Mañana Theatre.

All characters are strong actors and singers of all genders, ethnicities, ages and types.

Adele – (Female, range C4-F5) A girl new to Alfie’s bus route who he thinks will be perfect for his play. She is a young, sweet, “small-town” girl who is wise beyond her years.

Alfie – (Male, range A2-E4) Average looks and build, he is a dreamer who idolizes Oscar Wilde. He is in love with Robbie but wrestles with his sexuality throughout the story.

Baldy – (Male, range B2-G4) Also known as James Michael O’Shea, he is the resident stage manager at St. Imelda’s. He lost his wife early in life.

Breton Beret – (Male, range A2-C4) Seduces Alfie in order to beat him up for being gay.

Carney – (Male, range A2-G4) The local butcher who is the usual star of Alfie’s productions and boasts an ego about it. The most socially and morally conservative member of the community.

Ernie Lally – (Male, range B2-G4) The company set designer.

Lily Byrne – (Female, range E3-C5) Alfie’s sister who cares deeply for him, but finds him odd. She is socially and morally conservative.

Miss Crowe – (Female, range B3-A5) The company costume designer.

Mrs. Curtin – (Female, range A3-D5) An actor in the company and the choreographer.

Mrs. Patrick – (Female, range G3-E5) Robbie’s married lover and the mother of three children.

Rasher Flynn – (Male, range A2-E4) The company technician.

Robbie – (Male, range C3-A4) Alfie’s coworker and closest friend. He is charming, honest and likable.

Ensemble – various roles